Home to the famous Crystal Soil®, we have a line of easy to use professional fertilizers and growing media that we ourselves use in our nursery. So please take a look, we offer everything from orchids to Asian style flower pots.

Crystal Soil replaces potting soil! A unique new medium enriched with nutrients, and a great product for growing most house plants. It is goof-proof, a perfect amount of moisture and plant nutrients are released as needed for good plant growth, and helps reduce the frequency of watering (every 3-4 weeks). This allows you to go on vacation without worrying about watering!

This growing medium is especially beautiful in glass containers; you can create layers of color too! The healthy roots can be seen as they grow. No drainage required. Water approximately once every three weeks. The rainbow of colors available makes decorating with plants fun and exciting – and suitable for both home and office!

Crystal Soil is ready-to-use, just open the lid and plant bare roots directly in Crystal Soil.

Throw & Grow- Time release plant food provides effective, quick, and long term results. Easy to use, no mixing or cleaning up, just use it as it is and your plants will receive gentle and continuous feeding every time you water!

It is ideal for orchids, roses, hostas, ferns, azaleas, and any other house plant you may have. Just throw it on and watch it grow!

Natural Coconut Fibers “Coir”— Gro-Brick is made of 100% coconut fibers which can be used as a renewable organic growing medium or as an alternative of peat moss to improve soil conditions. Not only does it hold moisture longer, it also stays porous, and resists compacting!

A durable alternative to Bark, presoaked & pressed— our processing of this new and improved compressed bale provides better aeration for root growth & increases water holding capacity. You will find out coconut husk chip consistent, uniform, and easy to use! These chips will surely save you time and money.

Fresh Air Pot: Indented at the bottom with a raised drainage hole, this pot provides excellent air circulation. Comes with saucer in a natural terra cotta color. Available in 5", 6" and 9.5"
Clay Pot: Euro taper pot indented on the inside with a drainage hole on the bottom allows you to drop your pot in without having to worry about air circulation for the roots or drainage. This pot is decorative, functional and comes with saucer in a natural clay color. Available in 5".
Asian Glaze Pot: A got that will look great with your lucky bamboos or any other plant that you will like to give an exotic flair. Comes in a square opening or a hexagonal opening in different colors! Available in 3" and 4".
We have so many varieties of orchid that it is absolutely impossible to list them all; however we created an abbreviated list of some of our best orchids separated by their respective families.

● Blc. How Yuan Beauty 'Hong' AM/AOS
● Pot. Buranan Beauty 'Buranan'
● Blc. Mem. Crispin
● Blc. Ports of Paradise
● Lc. Purple Cascade 'Fragrance Beauty' BM/AOS
● Blc. Mem. Roselyn 'Ru Kaog'
● Lc. Orglade's Grand "Tian Mu"

Oncidium Intergeneric/Alliance

● Dgmra. Winter Wonderland 'White Fiary'
● Colmanara Wildcat 'Yellow Butterfly'
● Oncidium Sharry Baby 'Sweet Fragrance'
● Hwra. Lava Burst
● Pai Lei
● Oncidium Papilio x Oncidium Kalihii 'Green Valley'
● Oncidium Nanboh Waltz 'Bosa Sweet'
● Puli Grethi
● Brassia Verrucosa x Rex
● Oncidium Makkali 'Golden'
● Colmanara Jungle Monarch 'Everglades'
● Bllra. Marfitch Howard Dream 'Red Fox'
● Oncidium Gower Ramsey
● Wils Tropic Breeze 'Everglades' HCC/AOS
● Mtdm. Cleos Pride 'Hama'


● Paphiopedilum Lady Isabel x Phaphiopedilum Delenatii
● Paphiopedilum Booth's Sand Lady
● Paphiopedilum Roths x Gardineri 'Fox Valley'
● Paphiopedilum Lawrenceanum x Pacific Shamrock
● Paphiopedilum Delenatii x Paphiopedilum Deena Nicol
● Paphiopedilum Delenatii x Paphiopedilum Leocochilum
● Paphiopedilum Yellow Tiger X Paphiopedilum Sanderinum


● Phalaenopsis Haur Jin Diamond 'LL-7' x Phal. Brother Lawrence
● Phalaenopsis Salu Peoker x Phal. TonJy Gold
● Phalaenopsis TonJy Gold
● Phalaenopsis Golden Leopard Cheetah x Sib.
● Phalaenopsis Brother Goldsmith
● Phalaenopsis Chingruey's Beauty x Phal. Haur Jin Diamond
● Dtps. Leopard Prince x Minho Princess
● Dtps. Sogo Beach
● Dtps. Fuchsia Princess
● Dtps. Taida Salu
● Dtps. Leopard Prince x Minho Princess
● Dtps. Leopard Prince x Minho Princess
● Dtps. Leopard Prince x Minho Princess

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